Providing the Comforts of Home with the Care You Need

Camelot Brookside starts with a dedicated and Qualified staff at a facility that looks and feels like home, but with the rehabilitation resources you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Each room at Brookside is private. We always treat our residents with respect. Camelot Brookside is elegant living in a resort setting.

Residents are treated with their unique needs in mind. We offer a short-term rehabilitation program for those staying long term or short term with specialists in physical, occupational, speech, and IV therapy as well as an ADL – Activities for Daily Living room, which ensure residents are making progress and ready to step back into daily tasks.

Whether you plan to stay short term or long term, the residents at Camelot Brookside are treated by the highest standards of care in a safe, secure setting. Residents have the freedom to gather on our beautiful outdoor courtyards. From monitoring medication to engaging in daily activities and nutritious meals, residents can relax at Brookside in Jennings. Not only is our facility welcoming, but it also sets the bar of excellence in safety with security measures for residents and hurricane-strength standards.

About Camelot Brookside

As part of Priority Management, we seek to enrich the lives of our guests, their families, and our employees, as well, through incisive leadership, a strong financial foundation, constantly evolving programs, and exceptional staffing. And, while we pride ourselves on our serious commitment to compliance, safety and standard of care best practices, we add to that seriousness a generous dose of warmth that mirrors the community we serve.


The Ultimate Goal

Our priority is your recovery, and to get you to your primary goal – home. To deliver the high level of care and recovery we seek, and you expect, Camelot Brookside offers paramount health, safety, and satisfaction, for guests, residents and their families.

Come See for Yourself

Our top-quality care creates results. In fact, our discharge to home rate is above the national average. And our beautiful, comfortable surroundings make guests feel right at home. Come see what makes Camelot Brookside so special.